Gov Regd. No: 81255/067/068 Tourism Regd. No.: 1278/067


Are you ready to book your trip? Initially, you may have some inquiries about the company you plan to book with; you could face various tribulations throughout the course of your trip if the agency you book with is not registered or reputable. As a   prevention for these problems, take the following questions into consideration prior to verifying your trip with any trekking or travel agency in Nepal and other International Operator as well.

At present, some companies involved in tour operations do not have the requisite governmental authorization and have not paid the essential taxes. Booking with these kinds of companies can result in various tribulations, so be cautious before booking any trip.
It is essential to know whether or not the company has legally registered with the government authorities, as well as other certified travel associations of Nepal. It is important to be aware that there are many companies running businesses with expired licenses; these businesses do not observe legal formalities therefore compromising your safety.
We at Funny Nepal Treks offer you secure travel arrangements and we  are committed to making your holiday an excellent, safe and enjoyable.