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Earthquake in Nepal

 Nepal is still safe to trek, after earthquakes
We would like to thanks all for your caring and concern after the recent devastating earthquake of 25th April and 12th may 2015. The tragic misfortune occurred in Nepal during peak trekking season and it has adversely affected some of the touristic sites. Things slowly going back to normal. Place in around the central development regions were affecter badly but other touristic sites have been unharmed. Nepal is heaven for touristic activity and tourism is one of the major industries. There are still a lot of safe place for trekking routes after earthquakes in Nepal.
Is Nepal Safe for travel?
The Government of Nepal, Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil aviation on its press release has assured that Nepal is safe and secured place to visit. Except for the earthquake worst hit districts (out of 75 districts of Nepal, only 8 are affected), life has come back to normalcy; everyone is back to their daily routines.
We have compile list of trekking and tours where you can visited.
Everest Region: As per the, the Everest Trekking Route (Khumbu Trekking) is safe. Moreover, our team has also reached up to Namche and has assured that it is safe for trekking.
Annapurna Region: The Annapurna routes are safe; these areas have very minimal impact of the earthquake.
Upper Mustang/Dolpo/Makalu: These are also the least affected trekking areas. It has been assured that Mustang & Dolpo can be operated in this summer without any issue.
Other Popular Destinations: Many of the trekking routes have a minimum impact of earthquake. Moreover, other popular destinations like Pokhara, Lumbini, Palpa, Chitwan, Bardiya and various national parks and wildlife reserves are safe and intact.
Places in mid and Far western development regions like Dolpa, Rara of Mugu, Badimalika, Khaptad, Rolpa/Rukum are known as center and capital of natural beauty.
Heritage sites of Nepal: The government is opening heritage sites in Kathmandu for tourists from June 15. Director General of the Department of Archaeology confirmed that they will open Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath and Patan Durbar Square for the tourists officially from that day. He further added that Boudhanath, Budhanilkantha and Pashupatinath are safe for sightseeing even today.
Hotels/Resorts: Most of the hotels in the Kathmandu valley are in full operations including five star hotels, resorts and other restaurants. The Government of Nepal is inspecting hotels to identify if the property is safe to stay or not considering the extent of damage caused by the recent earthquake.
Communications: Telephone services, Internet is operating as normal.
Many of our visitors are still helping in relief efforts and we are receiving increasing number of tourists each day. We are regularly organizing fixed departure tours and trekking to villages and we are contributing as best as we can with the relief efforts. Safety of our clients comes first. Hence, we are recommending this trek only after our staff members and guides visited and confirmed about the route, teahouses and other facilities. Tourism is one of the largest industries in Nepal and it will play the key role in its recovery. We can assure you that there will be no cancelled trip in Annapurna. So, you can enjoy Pokhara City Tour or go for Annapurna trails for scenic mountain views as these are among safe trekking route after earthquake in Nepal.
You can join any of following trips which is completely safe after the earthquakes