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Fixed Departure Treks

 Fixed Departure Trip for 2015/2016 

Funny Nepal welcomes all of you to our fixed departure trekking schedule. As For your expediency, Funny Nepal provides a series of fixed departure Trekking and tours in Nepal  Tibet and Bhutan. If you plan to arrive to Nepal alone, but wish to be with a group while touring or trekking, or you are in budget Travel, our fixed departure schedule may be perfect for you. You can inform us of your expected date of arrival and the dates you wish to trek, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Even if we have enough clients to make a full group, we are flexible and can make arrangements for small groups of people, and people who are alone as well.

If our set itinerary does not fit in with your plans, we request you to send us further information, and explicit details of your needs, so that we can do our utmost to prepare the best tour for you.