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Nepal Home stay packages tour and trek


Nepal Home stay packages have been emerging as a form of sustainable tourism in many rural areas as community development program in Nepal.  The entire activities from the particular location have been integrated as a major component of rural tourism in home stay programmes. In general, rural communities or private house owners have been operating home stay programmes where guests are offered only basic facilities i.e. normal bed just as the host sleep in their own bed, local food as host normally eat, and unique traditional hospitality with different cultural and natural beauties of particular area. Local cultural activities, traditional lifestyle of host, local tests can be experienced by guests taking part in a home stay programme.

Now day Nepal home stay packages are getting popular for those tourists who want to travel to local place and meet local people. Then home stay trek is the best choice for you. Nepal needs no introduction as mountains country as there is countless hospitable villages as well! It is one of the best ways to explore Nepal’s beauty, hospitality, culture, and lifestyle to be the part of their family and become a guest visitor. These villages will provide life time cultural experiences. There are different ethnic groups who reside in different villages inside the country-namely the Sherpa,Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Rai/Libu, Newar, chhetri, Tharus and Brahmin communities. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience away from the hustle and bustle of the cities then this is the perfect one.