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Aptly titled as  roof of the world, Tibet, the highest region on earth beckons you to explore the majestic mountain peaks, amazing canyons, and fascinating high altitude lakes, vast expanses of arid plains and traditionally and religiously steeped people of Tibet. The average elevation of Tibet is 4,900m. Located to the western part of proper China, Tibet is home to the indigenous Tibetan and to some of the ethnic groups like Monpas and Lhobas. One of the key highlights of the Tibet tour is the alluring culture, tradition and religion of that the Tibetan people have been able to guard with such care and devotion down the ages.Tibet Roof
We offer many kinds of tour packages to Tibet. Since tourism in Tibet began relatively late the facilities provided to visitors are limited and basic. However, we put our utmost efforts to make your tour as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
At a Glance
Location: Asia
Area: 471,700sq. miles Border 2.5 million sq. km, appro. The size of Western Europe
Terrain: 70% Grassland, from high plateau to tropical forest.
Climate: Average temperature 28 degrees Celsius (Summer) - 15degrees Celsius (in which), extremely dry except during raining season (July- August)
Population: 2.62 million
Ethnic groups: Ethnic Tibetans, Menba, Lhoba, Mongols, Hui and a growing number of Han Chinese.
Religions: (2006 approx.) 2,279,723
Culture: Wedding, Funeral
Languages: Tibetan, Chinese
Festivals: Tibetan New Year, Shoton festival, Bathing Festival
Currency: Chinese Yuan Renmindi (CNY)
Time: Local Time = UTC + 8h6